Planned Maintenance Survey and Report Programme

Brear Associates were commission by the Bournville Village Trust to prepare a ten year Planned Maintenance report for the Bournville Village Primary School.  The school is owned by the Trust but is a local authority run Junior and Infant School.

A third smaller building housing the Kindergarten was also inspected.

The buildings are all Grade 2 listed building being the last properties constructed by George Cadbury as part of the Bournville Village Estate.

A planned maintenance plan was prepared including estimated costs for internal, external and site components of each building.

Essential repairs or areas where there was failure to meet statutory requirements such as fire doors not closing were identified for immediate attention.

Roof areas were inspected by drone which allowed an inspection to be made of the copper covered pergola roof of the Carillion tower, chimney stacks and concealed and inaccessible areas of lead roof including valley gutters and dormer roofs.

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