New EPC Regulations for Commercial Property Coming In 2023.

All commercial landlords and property owners are now aware of MEES or The Minimum Energy Efficiency Scheme.  This came into force for all properties that were being offered for let in April 2018, setting a minimum standard that the property must achieve on an EPC.  The current minimum standard being an E rating.

Many buildings will achieve this if newly let but older stock let on ten year or longer leases may not.

In 2023 this regulation will expand to all commercial properties including those that are already let.  This will have a significant impact to property valves especially where a Landlord ignores the regulations.  Fines can be levied by the Enforcing Authority to the building owner.  Buildings that fail to achieve the minimum standard are likely see their value drop considerably as they would be unusable until improved.

Property Owners need to take note now and review their property portfolios rather than waiting for the regulations to have an impact.  Improvements can be made now as part of a programmed investment to the property stock ensuring the portfolios retains its valve.

Brear Associates have considerable experience in assessing commercial property and advising on the economical improvements that can be made to a property to achieve the minimum standards.

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