Architectural & Project Management

For clients occupy or are thinking of being involved with property offering extensive an service based on experience.

Architectural Design and Project Management

Our Services include:

Building Surveying design services are important for all clients who own, occupy or are thinking of being involved with property. The service that Brear Associates offers is extensive but more importantly is backed by experience.

Our architectural design and project management services include:

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Feasibility Studies

These include the investigation and assessment of future and alternative uses for property and buildings to secure or improve their investment potential or worth.

The preparation of potential schemes for redevelopment, alteration, extension, refurbishment or a new build project and include advice on building legislation including planning and conservation matters.

Sketch Proposals

At the start of every project SBA prepare sketch proposals. On most projects clients already have ideas on what they want to achieve with the project. Often a building owner knows what the end objective is to be but not how to best achieve that objective.

SBA examines as part of the sketch plan proposals the different procurement methods that are suitable for the project. SBA is familiar and understands the two main procurement routes using a full design and using design and build.

Some projects may require the appointment of other consultants to advise on specialist matters. SBA will advise the client whether these consultants are required and assist with their appointment.

SBA will start negotiations and discussions with the planners, with other specialist organisations who may be involved with the project and with the main service providers.

Cost Planning

Cost Planning is important on every project no matter how simple and small. Good accurate cost planning helps the client to plan the financial aspects of the project. An initial budget estimate is produced in conjunction with the sketch plan proposals. From this the overall budget can be set for the project. All cost advice is given by the practice based upon our knowledge of the prevailing market conditions.

Cost estimates are provided as an integral part of the design service. Once the scheme design has been formalised a detailed cost plan can be developed

Detailed Design Services

The development of the detailed design of a project needs to be undertaken in a co-ordinated manner with the activities of all designers careful managed.

This applies whether the project is for a simple extension to a house or a complex manufacturing assembly line and building. SBA manages and co-ordinate the design process through strict liaison and programme management.

Contract Management

We believe that a pro active management strategy is the only approach that a professional consultancy should adopt during the construction period. We very firmly believe that all parties should works as a team to build projects and that the commonplace animosity has no place in a project if that project is to achieve its objectives.

Practical Completion is a term that is much abused and is often seen as completion subject to a defects list. SBA does not share this view and only total completion is acceptable.

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