Schedules of Condition

As Building Surveyors we can professionally assess and schedule repair works to properties of all types.

Schedules of Condition

Our Services include:

The preparation of a Schedule of Condition is essential for any property that is to be leased under a full repairing and insuring lease.  Brear Associates prepare detailed Schedules filled with photographs and text descriptions for the condition of a property.  This alone can save a Tenant £10’s of £1000’s of pounds at the end of a lease when faced with Schedule of Dilapidations from their Landlord.

It is important that any Schedule of Condition properly and fully details the condition of the property. We prepare our Schedules with detailed photographs and text descriptions for each element of a building or room. It is important for a future building Tenant to ensure they understand their repairing and decorating responsibilities. Our Schedules of Condition assist in protecting a Tenants liability.

Our Services Offer

Simple roof repairs can cost a tenant hundreds and often thousands of pounds. A simple inspection and Schedule of the roof attached to the lease, and suitable modification of the covenants, can remove or greatly limit that tenants liability for those repairs. Even recording the decorative condition of a building may prevent a tenant having to decorate at the start of the lease and again in the last few months of that lease.

A good descriptive Schedule of Condition supported by photographs should always be used by a tenant on a Full Repairing and Insuring lease.

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