Commercial Services

Providing building surveys for commercial properties including shops, offices, factories and warehouses.

Commercial Property Surveys

Our Services include:

Whether you are looking to buy or to lease a new commercial property we have experience of preparing pre-acquisition survey reports as part of a purchaser’s due diligence.

We have considerable experience working on offices, shops, industrial units, warehouses and including those with specialist manufacturing requirements.

Brear Associates are familiar with modern constructions as well as historic structures and listed structures.

Roof inspections are undertaken using modern drone equipment allowing unhindered access to the whole of the roof of a building eliminating the risk of buying or leasing a property with an unseen older roof covering.

Searches can be completed of site areas for unchartered building services and drains and topographical surveys can be undertaken and organised for the preparation of detailed building and site data.

Buildings Surveys

A Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property. It’s suitable for all properties, especially:

  • Listed buildings
  • Older properties,
  • Buildings constructed in an unusual way, however old they are
  • Properties you plan to renovate or alter in any way
  • Properties that have had extensive alterations.

It examines all accessible parts of the property – and you can ask to have specific areas included, so it covers any particular concerns you have about the building.  A Building Survey doesn’t usually include a valuation, but we can provide this separately if you need one.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Once a client owns a property or if a client owns a portfolio of properties then it is important to plan maintenance work. Brear Associates can provide 5, 10, 15 year planned preventative maintenance surveys of a property fully costed by year. These allow a client to plan a head on service charges to be charged to their Tenants or to budget annually for the expenditure of running and owning a property.

The same applies to public sector properties such as schools, police stations, council building etc which need to plan and apply for budget funding for maintenance projects. Our reports help and assist clients plan the future expenditure and work allowing staff to apply in good time for specific funding.

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