Energy Performance Certificates

Brear Associates have been providing EPC's since their intial inception in 2008.

Energy Performance Certificates

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Brear Associates have been providing EPC's since their initial inception in 2008. To date we have surveyed and assessed every type of property from small shops, factories, warehousing, offices and specialist production facilities.

Since April 2018 commercial buildings in England and Wales being offered for rent must comply with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Scheme or MEES.  This standard specifies that any building offered for rent must achieve at least an ‘E’ rating EPC.

Brear Associates provide an initial draft of the EPC and where the minimum has not been achieved work with a client to determine the most economical way of improving the building to achieve at least the minimum specified rating.  Where economical improvements cannot be found then we will draft the necessary payback calculations and evidence to allow a property owner to apply for an exemption to the regulations.

This includes estimating the capital costs and energy savings over a seven-year payback period.

In 2023 all commercial buildings that are let must be improved to achieve the minimum standard not just when a lease is renewed, extended or the property relet.  It will be essential for a property owner to seek advice from suitably qualified Chartered Surveyors so they protect their property assets and ensure they can continue to be let.

In Scotland all buildings over 1000m² in floor area are also required to have a Section 63 certificate prepared for them with a suitable Action Plan as well as the EPC.  The s63 Action Plan setting out how the property can be improved to achieve compliance with the minimum energy performance legislation.  Brear Associates are fully qualified to prepared S63 Actions Plans and have recently advised a client upon a full property portfolio for compliance with and adherence to the s63 legislation.

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